Open Tennis Court Rates
  | By Steve Annacone
Photo courtesy of Getty Images


My tip this week is about simplifying the sport of tennis.

We all know how complicated things can get on the court. You are dealing with the opponent, the conditions, and most importantly, yourself. I have several ideas that I believe will make tennis easier for you.

First, always be ready and expect every ball to come back whether you have hit your shot great or not so good.

Next, try to repeat the same swings each time when serving, returning serve, and hitting groundstrokes. Keep your focus on the racquet and ball meeting on both your side of the court, and on your opponent's side. Watch it come off of their racquet and all the way until you feel the contact of the ball on your strings. This will help you react quickly and give you a chance to return even the most difficult shots.

Finally, play each shot, point, game, set, and match the best that you can. You won't always come out on top but you will either win or learn every time you are on the court.


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