| By Steve Annacone
Photo courtesy of Getty Images


Since the game of tennis has gotten faster and faster, it often feels like you are hitting from an off balanced position. Whenever there is time, try to synchronize your last step with the ball contacting your strings. This means getting your foot to hit the ground as close as possible to the ball hitting your racquet.

For example, when I hit a forehand volley (I am right handed) I try to get my left foot hitting the ground as the ball is hitting the strings. This will get your body more under control and allow your weight to go more towards the direction you are hitting the ball. By doing this, you will add speed, depth, and more accuracy to the shot. Even though many shots in a fast baseline rally are hit with an open stance, the best players are able to get this synchronization to happen whenever there is a bit more time. This allows you to go from defense to offense very quickly.

Focus on coordinating your feet and your swing to get the most out of your shots and improve your results.




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