| By Steve Annacone
Photo courtesy of Getty Images


Tennis players are faced with a lot of different obstacles before, during, and after a tennis match. Sometimes the environment is difficult: the hotel is not great, the food isn’t what you would normally eat, or the people at the tournament are not as friendly as they could be. There are almost always uncomfortable or unpleasant things happening both on and off the court.

The best players have learned how to keep their focus on the simple, basic ideas that can give them a chance to win despite the distractions and the less than optimum feelings they have when faced with adversity.

Players can overcome many of these things by being focused and tuned in to the task at hand. It always amazes me to see a great player miss an easy shot on a crucial point, and then come back and win despite the missed opportunity.

This is usually possible because they are so zoned in to what they are doing, and negative thoughts caused by adversity have little room to interfere with their performance. Great players also have the advantage of confidence from their past results, which makes them believe they can overcome almost anything.

Try to keep your focus on what you are about to do and your mind and body will work together more smoothly, eliminating or reducing the effects from the adversity you encounter both on and off the court. 




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