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The 11th Annual “Little Mo” Internationals took place at The West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills as some of the world’s top junior players gathered in New York to compete in this prestigious event.

Across an array of different divisions, players competed for a chance to win one of the three legs of the “Little Mo” Internationals Series, with fair play and sportsmanship as a key component of the matches. The tournament is preceded by the Opening Ceremony and Group Photo which provides a great way for the players to meet new friends from all across the world.

Below are the winners from each respective division. Local Long Island and New York players are bolded.

Boys 8 Doubles: Safin Qalbani/Bence Leber

Boys 9 Doubles: Lennox Kelly/Magnus Mitby

Boys 10 Doubles: Cavan Donnelly/Jaxon DeLuccia

Boys 11 Doubles: Grayson Prince/Marcus Gonzales

Boys 12 Doubles: Liam Raykis/Raghav Narayanan

Girls 8 Doubles: Juliette Prince/Nandika Singamala

Girls 9 Doubles: Chloe Chang/Daniella Yogumyan

Girls 10 Doubles: Chloe Wang/Helena Xue

Girls 11 Doubles: Sarabeth Hoo/Ava Chu

Girls 12 Doubles: Haniya Minhas/Juliana Castellanos Trujillo


Boys 8 Singles: Colin Pental

Boys 9 Singles: Jacques Kaan Gunalp

Boys 10 Singles: Cavan Donnelly

Boys 11 Singles: Vallab Kumar

Boys 12 Singles: Ishaan Yadlapalli

Girls 8 Singles: Juliette Prince

Girls 9 Singles: Noa Boar

Girls 10 Singles: Kareena Cross

Girls 11 Singles: Sarabeth Hoo

Girls 12 Singles: Haniya Minhas


Mixed 8 Doubles: Safin Qalbani/Juliette Prince

Mixed 9 Doubles: Suzanne Kang/Krish Yadlapalli

Mixed 10 Doubles: Cavan Donnelly/Chloe Wang

Mixed 11 Doubles: Grayson Prince/Sarabeth Hoo

Mixed 12 Doubles: Thomas O’Neill/Haniya Minhas


Long Islanders Grayson and Juliette Prince won multiple events at the "Little Mo" Internationals in Forest Hills. 

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