NYC's Premier Junior Program
  | By New York Tennis Magazine Staff
Photo Credit: Sidney Beal III/Clique Photography


The top teams from across the Section gathered at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center to compete in the semifinals and finals of the USTA Eastern Junior TeamTennis Sectional Championships.

The matches are played in a team format, similar to World TeamTennis, with the total games won by each flight adding up to produce the final score. There were four divisions (14U Intermediate, 14U Advanced, 18U Intermediate and 18U Advanced), with each division broken up into two groups. The winners of each group squared off in the championship matches.

Below are the final standings, including total games won, from all four of the groups.

14U Intermediate

Group A

1) Centercourt - 50

2) Cary Leeds - 49

3) Sportime Bears – 33

Group B

1) World Gym – 60

2) Westchester Tennis Club – 36

3) Empire – 27

Champion: Centercourt

Finalist: World Gym


14U Advanced

Group A

1) CourtSense - 59

2) Cary Leeds – 46

3) Sportime Lynbrook – 11

Group B

1) USTA National Tennis Center – 60

2) Tennis Innovators – 42  

3) YMCA Devils – 30  

Champion: CourtSense

Finalist: USTA National Tennis Center


18U Intermediate

Group A

1) Hardscrabble – 57

2) Highland Park – 40

3) Binghamton – 33  

Group B

1) World Gym – 53  

2) Sportime Winners – 53   

3) BBMP Wayne – 7   

Champion: Hardscrabble

Finalist: World Gym


18U Advanced

Group A

1) Cary Leeds - 53

2) World Gym - 45

3) YMCA Acers – 39   

Group B

1) Sportsplex – 56   

2) Pathway Tennis Foundation - 48

3) BBMP Wayne – 29

Champion: Pathway Tennis Foundation

Finalist: Sportsplex

Throughout the competition, all the teams demonstrated the teamwork and sportsmanship that is at the core of Junior TeamTennis. 

“It’s all about teamwork,” said Vivian Yu, who coaches the Centercourt 14U Intermediate team that won the title. “They are very good tennis players individually, but they worked together as a team. In the weeks leading up to Sectionals, they practiced playing doubles everyday with different combinations, which made them familiar with their partners and be able to switch from singles to doubles quickly during a team match. They understood that every game counts, and played their best whether if they were up or down. When coaching during changeovers, I was always asked by the player, ‘how’s the other court going? How many games do we have?” Their goal was to win more games for their partners and teammates.”

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