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Century Tennis

56 Brook Avenue     

Deer Park, N.Y.

(631) 242-0220          


Since 1965, Century Tennis has been dedicated to the growing sport of tennis by building quality tennis courts and providing a specialized service to the tennis club industry, as well as the private community. By maintaining a high-quality of service and customer satisfaction over the years comes a trust that is ever so hard to attain. 

“We simply want to be the best at what we do.”

In order to build great tennis courts, you have to start at the bottom with an understanding of soil conditions and converting it to a good base. Laser-controlled road graders enable Century Tennis to build with accuracy.

Building Post-Tensioned Concrete, instead of the old asphalt type courts, are proving to be a great alternative for “crack-free” tennis courts.

Whether it is a hard court with the softness of Deco-Turf or Classic Turf Rubber or whether it is a soft court like Har-Tru or Hydro Court, or a surface that offers a little of both like Nova Synthetic Turfs … Century Tennis can deliver.

The company is a member of the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Long Island Builders Institute (LIBI). Century Tennis’ building techniques meet and or exceed those of the ASBA and the USTA and with its “Certified Tennis Court Builder” staff assures this quality. The company’s intention is to deliver the very best tennis courts for the most demanding players and tennis club owners.

“Expanding the game of tennis, one court at a time.”



Gold Coast Tennis

31 Prospect Street    

Huntington, N.Y.

(631) 547-5200




Tennis and Sports Courts Since 1984 

Gold Coast Tennis has been trusted for more than 35 years by Long Island’s top clubs and hundreds of homeowners to design, build and maintain tennis and sport courts. Gold Coast’s in-house team of experienced and knowledgeable tradesmen use only the best quality materials and have the ability to address any situation to ensure your court is ready for you to play at your highest level.

Gold Coast Tennis is a specialist and expert in both clay and asphalt courts, including Har-Tru, Deco Systems, and Douglas sports equipment for multi-use courts. Gold Coast provides annual Har-Tru reconditioning, as well as weekly/bi-weekly/monthly court servicing. All weather court repair incorporates the use of Rite-Way crack repair system.

In addition to building and maintaining the court surfaces, Gold Coast Tennis designs and builds the entire court environment including fencing, irrigation, lighting, panting, masonry and seating furniture. Gold Coast’s approach ensures that your tennis or sport court enhances the appearance of your home and fits with your outdoor living lifestyle.




Har-Tru LLC

2200 Old Ivy Road, Suite 100                      

Charlottesville, Va.

(877) 4-HARTRU     


Har-Tru LLC is a global tennis company based in Charlottesville, Va. It is the world’s leading provider of court surfaces, court consultation, court equipment and accessories.

The company strives to help others build and maintain the best courts in the world, leveraging its products, knowledge, and experience to most effectively meet the needs of each customer. Har-Tru stays active in the in the industry as an advocate for the sport and sponsor of tennis-related activities.



Lux-Craft Inc.

101 Bloomingdale Road       

Hicksville N.Y.

(718) 934-3600



Lux-Craft Inc. is a leader in LED lighting manufacturer for indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Located in Hicksville, N.Y., Lux-Craft Inc. is dedicated to the latest technological advances, resulting in the most advanced LED solutions for the sports industry.

Lux Craft’s third-generation 540-watt fixture outperforms all other competitors. In 2016, the company introduced highly advanced outdoor fixtures. The indirect nature of the outdoor model reduces glare and improves playability like no other fixture on the market.

Lux-Craft is continuously working to make improvements and advances in LED lighting technology. The company is determined to manufacture high-quality luminaires for sports facilities.

All assembly and testing is done locally in New York, and with a five-year standard guarantee, Lux Craft is confident that they can vastly improve the lighting systems at tennis clubs. All of that, combined with substantial energy savings, is guaranteeing that we are going to see more LED technology in the future of the tennis industry.

Local clubs have greatly benefited by converting to LED lighting, and the ability to have relationships with a local manufacturer provides confidence and convenience as a major decision factor. For more information, call (718) 934-3600 or visit LuxCrafters.com.



The Farley Group–Air-Supported Structures

6 Kerr Crescent        

Puslinch, Ontario, Canada

(888) 445-3223          


The Farley Group has installed more than 20 tennis bubbles in the New York City and Long Island areas, helping tennis facilities extend their season into the winter months. For seasonal or permanently installed tennis bubbles, The Farley Group is your number one source for quality, service and dependability.

As a manufacturer, supplier, installer and service provider of air-supported structures, The Farley Group works with you from conception to implementation and beyond. The company’s philosophy is built around the belief that a customer never leaves The Farley Group—from project planning and installation to ongoing service and maintenance—we become a trusted member of your team. The company’s expert staff of sales consultants, designers and highly-skilled production and service professionals are well-experienced in all facets of air structure technology, ready to help you through every phase of your tennis bubble project.



VelveTop Products

1455 New York Avenue      

Huntington Station, N.Y.

(631) 427-5904          


VelveTop Products is a family-owned and operated business since 1968. VelveTop is a stocking distributor of a full line of tennis court materials and equipment, including:

►Deco Turf: The Cushioned Tennis Surface of Champions

►Har-Tru: Developing Champions Since 1932

►Douglas Sports: Nets, Windscreens, Divider Nets

►RiteWay Crack Repair Systems

►Deep Root: Tree Root Barriers

►Hadeka Red Clay

For more information, call (631) 427-5904, e-mail BWalsh@VelveTop.com or visit VelveTop.com.