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The inaugural New York Open has the Long Island tennis community excited for the return of professional tennis, and only adding to that appeal was...Click here to read more
The weather in the New York-metropolitan area has been brutal this winter, but step inside and have some summer fun at the Beach Tennis Arena at the...Click here to read more
The 2018 New York Tennis Expo will be a celebration of tennis that kicks off the inaugural New York Open , and that includes giving attendees and...Click here to read more

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In both singles and doubles, your ability to volley well can be the deciding factor in the match. Most players these days can hit their groundstrokes...Read more
In today's tennis world it is easy to fall in love with the ability to hit the ball hard. The racquets, strings, and modern techniques have given...Read more
A great strategy at all levels is to hit most of your shots to specific targets on the court. If you are playing singles, pick two targets halfway...Read more

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