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30Fifteen ♦ Introducing 30Fifteen, a women’s tennis wear brand originally from the U.K. 30Fifteen provides...Click here to read more
For the 32 nd consecutive year, high school tennis players and college coaches came together for the USTA Eastern College Showcase Day which was held...Click here to read more
Earlier this year, nearly 4,000 people came out and attended the 2018 New York Tennis Expo. The event kicked off the inaugural New York Open,...Click here to read more

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As players get better, it becomes more and more difficult to figure out why one person wins the match and the other does not. The best players seem...Read more
Hitting the ball crosscourt is a great way to start the point, set up the point, and often to win the point. There are many reasons why crosscourt is...Read more
When I first started playing, I can remember getting advice pertaining to keeping a firm grip on the racquet. What I have learned over the years is...Read more

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