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The unique and fast-paced One-on-One Doubles came to New York earlier this fall with a series of tournaments featuring a bevy of talented players...Click here to read more
Tennis fans rejoice! For the third straight year, the New York Tennis Expo arrives on Long Island, with this year’s event set for Sunday, Feb. 9,...Click here to read more
Since its inception more than two years ago , the USTA’s Net Generation initiative has made its mission to get more kids playing tennis, and has...Click here to read more

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Your movement on the tennis court is one of the most important tools you can use to win the match. There are many different ways to do this. First,...Read more

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A rule quickly gaining traction in the tennis world is “no-ad scoring,” which eliminates serving advantages. Many tennis fans have mixed feelings...Read more
Although spin has become a big part of the modern game of tennis, it is still very important to let your racquet follow the ball towards your target...Read more

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