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Advantage_All_City_Logo.jpg Advantage All-City Junior Tennis Camp Roosevelt Island Racquet Club 281 Main Street ♦ Roosevelt Island, N.Y. (212) 935-...Click here to read more
The road to the New York City Championship in Boys High School Tennis has gone through Beacon for a decade. And that may be an understatement. Beacon...Click here to read more
Nadejda Maslova was crowned as the top player in New York City high school tennis last year as she defeated the top-seed Christina Huynh of Bronx...Click here to read more

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It is such a big advantage to get your first serve in play. Your opponent has no idea how you are going to hit the first serve-speed, spin, direction...Read more
It is very difficult to make the tennis ball your main focus on the court. Often, players try to hit the ball to the openings on the court as well as...Read more
The tennis ball is traveling faster and faster in today's game. By reminding yourself to contact the ball at the peak of the bounce you will get to...Read more

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