Press Release
The Eastern Section of the United States Tennis Association (USTA Eastern) is proud to announce Dwight Global Online School as the Official Program Sponsor of Level 3 (L3) Elite Junior Tournaments. In this capacity, Dwight Global will maintain a robust presence at these events and help improve...Read more
Brian Coleman
Like a lot of young tennis players, Zavier Augustin’s introduction to tennis began through watching his siblings. In Augustin’s case, it was his older sister, Karah whom he would watch take tennis lessons on the weekends on a court in Bayside, Queens. Each time, after watching his sister’s lessons...Read more
Some of Centercourt's top junior players including Michael Zheng (green shirt), Nishesh Basavareddy (white shirt) and Nathan Barki (black shirt) training last summer.
Brian Coleman
Building a tennis academy is no easy task. Beyond the obvious challenges of running a large business of that nature, establishing a reputable academy for junior player development takes a committed team of people working in unison, and providing an environment for players in the academy to grow...Read more
Cinto Casanova
Tactical thinking is an area that gets often overlooked in junior tennis programs all over the world. There is a tendency among coaches to over train “how to hit the ball” and under train “how to play the game”. Technical and Tactical sides of tennis are both equally important and we have to allow...Read more
Brian Coleman
What does it take to build a great tennis player? Teaching footwork, stroke technique and match strategy are all integral components of developing a top player. But at the core of any great tennis player is a foundation of strength and fitness, which allows a player to perform all the actions he or...Read more
Botond Sari
I’ve been obsessed with understanding the game within the game of tennis since I finished my competitive career in Europe 10 years ago. And now I’ve been lucky enough to learn about the Global Online Teaching Technology Access (GOTTA) system and language, and boy has it changed my perspective on...Read more
Chris Lewit
I just finished a super season of summer camp in Vermont. Players from all over the country and world visited our small academy in the green mountains for serious high performance training. It’s becoming harder and harder to find serious training in the summer. Many academies and camps offer more...Read more
Press Release
The ProtoStar Foundation announced today the return of the Matt Stevenson Junior Tennis Tournament (NY) to Flushing Meadows, NY, right after the U.S. Open. This Tournament is unique in that it is the first and only junior tennis tournament in the country to promote the importance of youth mental...Read more
Carrie-Anne Hoo (pictured left) and partner Nancy Lee (pictured right) after winning the Gold Ball at the Level 1 National Winter Championships in Tucson, Arizona
Brian Coleman
At the beginning of this year, Brooklyn native Carrie-Anne Hoo walked through the doors of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center and found a sign in the front lobby which recognized her recent accomplishment. She was fresh off a successful tournament at the Level 1 National Winter...Read more
Queens native Jordan Chang was named the Player of the Day on Day Two at the USTA National Clay Court Championships in Delray Beach, Fla.
Steve Dorsey
The second day of action at the USTA Boys 18 & 16 National Clay Court Championships delivered more bright sunshine and temperatures in the 90s, adding to the elements all the players face daily playing against other elite opponents in a Tier 1 national tournament. Dylan Atkinson has especially...Read more