| By New York Tennis Magazine Staff
Credit photos to Sidney Beal III


Earlier this summer, the Gay & Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA) and Metropolitan Tennis Group (MTG) held the 2018 Liberty Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. This was the 28th year that the Liberty Open was held, and once again some fantastic tennis was played on the courts of the U.S. Open with players in a number different divisions battled it out as they sought the title of Liberty Open champion.

The following is a list of the winners from each respective division:

►Men’s Open Singles Winner: Tavaris Delaney

►Men’s Open Singles Finalist: Michael Amico


►Men’s A Singles Winner: David Stephen Kinder

►Men’s A Singles Finalist: Nagesh Chetan


►Men’s B Singles Winner: Artemisa Villaroja

►Men’s B Singles Finalist: Duy Quang Ngo


►Men’s C Singles Winner: Ricardo Rust

►Men’s C Singles Finalist: Yves Pouliot


►Men’s D Singles Winner: Frank E. Skivolocke

►Men’s D Singles Finalist: Charlie Vreeland


►Men’s B Singles 40+ Winner: Jack Lafata

►Men’s B Singles 40+ Finalist: Rodney Ferrell


►Men’s C Singles 40+ Winner: Nicholas M. Estavillo

►Men’s C Singles 40+ Finalist: Truett Lee Vaigneur Jr.


►Men’s Open Doubles Winners: Jake Bishop & Jon K. Guerrica

►Men’s Open Doubles Finalists: Tavaris Delaney & Garnett Taylor


►Men’s A Doubles Winners: Edsel Calvin Colaco & Marko Daigle

►Men’s A Doubles Finalists: Isaac Halpern & Dennis Malone


►Men’s B Doubles Winners: Rudy Villamar & Artemisa Villaroja

►Men’s B Doubles Finalists: Jose Martinez-Santiago & Martin Trautmann


►Men’s C Doubles Winners: Christian Bartelink & Mikhail Zurov

►Men’s C Doubles Finalists: Jean-Sebastien Charron & Francois Tetu