Tennis acknowledged as one of the safest activities during COVID-19
  | By Steve Annacone
Although tennis is not an easy game to pick up, you can learn to play tennis at any age.
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A document was recently published by a group of doctors stating that tennis is a 1 (on a scale of 1-10) in terms of likelihood of transmitting the COVID-19 disease. This should send a "learn how to play tennis" message out to everyone who is looking for some great exercise, social interaction (from a distance), and fun.

Although tennis is not an easy game to pick up, you can learn to play tennis at any age. I have taught players as young as three and four-years-old how to play the game. There is nothing as satisfying to me as starting a player in the game and hitting four, five or more shots back and forth with that person. A good instructor can teach a beginner to rally in just a few sessions on the court. Using these three basic ideas: watch the ball, use the same swing, keep getting ready, even people who are not athletically inclined can pick up the game with little frustration and physical effort.

Coaches need to keep the instructions simple and brief, and players need to keep their thoughts on the three basics mentioned above. With all of the difficult, frustrating, and devastating effects this disease has brought us, there is a big opportunity for people to become more healthy and attentive to their body.

Tennis has always been known as the sport for a lifetime and we need to get out (and get your friends out) on the court to experience an activity that is safe, fun, and healthy. Start playing tennis



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