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  | By New York Tennis Magazine Staff
Cooper Williams helped lead the 14U team from the United States to a win at the Big Apple Cup.
Photo Credit: Brian Coleman/NY Tennis Magazine


The second annual Big Apple International Cup brought some of the best junior players in the world to the United States Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, N.Y. as teams from Brazil, Canada, Israel, Mexico, Spain and the United States competed against one another.

“The Big Apple Cup is a great way to see them compete against players from different countries, and most importantly, it’s a learning experience for them to play as a team,” said Francisco Barrientos, head coach of Team USA, which was comprised of players from the Eastern section. “Overall, it’s a great opportunity for our players in the Eastern section to experience and play against kids who grew up and trained in a different way.”

The week-long event featured competitive matches across the various courts at the National Tennis Center as the players got the opportunity to play on the same grounds used by the professionals during the U.S. Open. The competition was played in a Team Tennis format with the two top teams from the 12U and 14U division advancing to the finals on the event’s final day.

“It’s awesome,” Cooper Williams said of the event. “It’s a team environment, and so once you finish your match, win or lose, you’re team can still win. It’s not completely dependent on you and you can cheer for other people…All these kids are really good. It’s always great to play against players from different countries who may play a different way, it’s great for your game.”

Kamil Pajkowski, Team Canada’s head coach, discussed the impact this type of experience can have for his players.

“It’s a great development opportunity,” he said. “They get to come to New York and experience one of the best cities in the world, and get to play at the home of the U.S. Open. It’s like you’re living this little dream; this is what the future may have in store for them. It can be an inspirational thing. And they love the fact they come out here and meet new players. Some of these partnerships and relations that are formed can last for years. It’s an amazing experience that we think is so valuable for them, more valuable than any individual tournament they may go to.”

Big Apple Cup Results:

12U Champions: Team Spain

14U Champions: Team USA

“We are happy with the outcome of the second edition of the Big Apple Cup, we had a great week of tennis with top level and amazing camaraderie from all teams,” said Gustavo Loza, Tennis Service Representative for USTA Eastern’s Metro Region and organizer of the Big Apple Cup. “It is in these types of events that the character and leadership skills from young players are created and developed. We are constantly looking to create opportunities for our Eastern players that can enhance their development. We certainly feel the Big Apple Cup serves that purpose and our hope is to do it even better in 2020.”

2019 Big Apple Cup Rosters



Stephanie Yakoff                            

Kaitlyn Carnicella 

Ariana Pursoo 

Cooper WIlliams 

Ari Cotoulas 

Alan Hua 


Anika Paul

Claire An

Cristasha McNeil

Andrew Ena

Braeden Gelletich​

Mark Krupkin



Gustavo Tedesco            

Lucas Silva                          

Carolina Laydner             

Isabelle Torres


João Fonseca​

Victor Lima

Olivia Carneiro​

Sofia Perovani



Stewart Aronson​

Sasha Rosin

Haitam Aboufirassi

Nawal Youssef

Teah Chavez Babyak​

Josie Usereau


Sava Uncianschi

Anyan Xu

Finn Muller

Emma Gong

Clemence Mercier​

Maria Komar



Laim Oved                          

May Baranes                     

Elizabeth Shaykis             

Volodymyr Bazilevskyy

Ido Samimyan                  

Ofek Shimanov 


Sapir Cohen

Mika Buchnik​

May Fadida​

Tim Vaisman​

Leon Soloschhanskykrast

Itai Ezra



Natalia Castañeda           

Ximena Garzón                

Rodrigo Pacheco             

Luca Lemaitre


Carolina Alonso

Emily Velasco​

Diego Vega

Ignacio Ruiz



Vitoria Solís                     

Maria Garcia Cid           

Alejandro Verdasco      

Miguel Avedaño


Cristina Ramos

Maria de la Paz Alberto

Luis Llorens

Ángel Fonseca


2019 Big Apple Cup